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State Corporation:

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Date Posted: February 9, 2021

Application Deadline: February 9th, 2023 4:34am


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1. Vacancy Applied For

2. Personal Details of the Applicant


3. Applicants in the Public Service only

4. All other Applicants

5. Other Personal Details



6. Academic Qualifications. (Starting with the Highest)

Year University/ High School Award/Attainment (e.g. Masters, Bachelors, Degree, KCSE) Award/Attainment (e.g. Higher Diploma, Diploma, Certificate) Specialization/Subject (e. g Human Resource, Engineering, Counsellin e.t.c) Class/Grade
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7. Professional/Technical Qualifications/Certifications Relevant to the post. (Starting with the Highest)

Year Institution Course/Programme (e.g. PhD, MSc, BA, O’Level) Specialization/Subject (e. g Econ, Maths, Sociology e.t.c) Class/Grade
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8. Relevant Courses and Training attended lasting not less than One (1) Week.

Year University/College/Institution Name of Course Details and duration

9. Current Registration/Membership to Professional Bodies

Professional Body Membership/Registration No. Membership type (e.g. Associate, Full etc.) Date of Renewal

10. Employment Details - where applicable (starting with the current or most recent)

Year Designation/ Position Job Group/Grade/ScaleGross Monthly Salary(Ksh) Ministry/State Department/ Institution/ Organization
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11. Briefly state your current duties, responsibilities and assignments (if any)

12. Please give details of your abilities, skills and experience which you consider relevant to the position applied for. This information may include an outline of your most recent achievements and your reasons for applying for this post.

13. Referees (People who have interacted with you professionally)

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